The New Circle Game

The Evolution of the Game

We've transformed The Circle Game into a fast-paced, straight-fire card game where to only punches thrown are those to the ego. Masterful peripheral vision is no longer required.


Re-imagined from a punch-throwing made-you-look game into a strategic fast-paced card game by Jason Dalke, The Circle Game is quick to learn and fun to play. Stop throwing punches, stop getting punched, and help us make this game a reality. We're certain you'll love it as much as we do. 

Why Change it?

Like many kids, we started playing The Circle Game in middle school. As we grew up (and punching people became less socially acceptable), we'd still play from time to time, minus the punching part, and mostly to garner nostalgic smiles. The new card game version brings back all the fun of the original—but without all the pesky bruises.

Sincerest Thanks

The Circle Game would not exist without the team behind Dumb Dumb Games, including our epic graphic designer, Andrew Taico (Twitch, DarkKrimson), along with countless family and friends who pitched in on design and development. We have been very blessed to have people involved in our project willing to working for free, at substantial discount, or payment contingent on campaign funding. Thank you for believing in The Circle Game and Dumb Dumb Games. 

P.S. Your arm also says “Thanks” for switching to cards.