What is the Circle Game?

It’s a ridiculously dumb game of made-you-look, where people deviously coax each other into looking at the OK sign below their waist. Get caught lookin’ and you get punched. 

Well not anymore! The Circle Game has been transformed into a new fast-paced, straight-fire card game where the only punches thrown are those to the ego. 

Masterful peripheral vision is no longer required.

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The Evolution of the game

  • The Original Circle Game

    A game of devious trickery, peripheral vision, and fast motor skills. 
    The game starts when the Offensive Player(Attacker) creates a circle with their thumb and forefinger, "OK" sign, and flashes it below their waist...

  • The New Circle Game

    The Circle Game has been transformed into a new fast paced, straight fire card game were the only punches thrown are those to the ego. Peripheral vision is no longer required.


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Did we Invent The Circle Game?

Good question! All we can tell you for certain is that it wasn't us. Some internet theories trace The Circle Game's origins to either late-80s locker rooms or an Ohio bowling alley owner.

We do know that it made its major televised debut in season two, episode four of the 90s hit sitcom "Malcolm in the Middle." 

But no matter who first invented a game that lets you sock your friends and family, the important thing to know is that it exists—and it is awesome.

Whats the Objective of the Game?

To knock all other players out of the game by strategically playing your battle cards and forcing your opponents to forfeit their Punch cards. Last player standing Wins!

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